Tony Steventon is an electronics design engineer with a 30+ year obsession for analogue synthesizers. Synovatron is the realisation of his desire to participate in and contribute to the world of analogue synthesizers, in particular modular systems.

Design is about making choices and with modular systems these are mainly about functionality and usability – how you access sounds, organise your work-flow – basically how you interact with your instrument. With this in mind Synovatron attempts to provide new ideas and a new slant on some older ideas with the end user in mind – driving a synth should be fun!

Synovatron is based in the south of England and manufactures a number of modular DIY products (kits, front panels, cables, prototyping boards) as well as bus adaptor modules. CV Tools is the first (of many) fully built and tested Eurorack modules to be produced by Synovatron.