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TipTop Audio’s Buchla Model 245t Sequential Voltage Source is a faithful recreation of Buchla’s famed five-stage, four-row sequencer in the Eurorack format. One of several 200 series adaptations developed in collaboration with Buchla USA, the 245t is a one-to-one replica of the original Buchla 245, remade to fit the Eurorack standard. Divided into two sections, the 245t is comprised of a pulser section (a voltage-controllable clock) with transport controls, as well as the main sequencer section, which offers four rows of highly-customizable five-step sequencing.

The pulser section offers a pulse and “ref” out, a saw wave perfectly in phase with the running clock. The pulse output has a definable length, acting much like a pulse-width control, which itself can be modulated for interesting gating/triggering patterns. The rate at which the pulse cycles is determined via the internal time control, and time shifts for slowing down or speeding up can be applied vai incoming control voltages, complete with an attenuverter at the CV input. Additionally, the pulser offers transport controls for start and stop, each with their own manual button control or pulse input for triggering externally.

Moving to the sequencing section, four rows labeled A through D each provide five freely assignable stages, allowing you to design several CV sequences for pitch sequencing, filter tracking, or anything your heart desires. You can easily progress linearly through each stage via the advance pulse input, or even select stages out of order by sending a pulse/trigger into one of the stage select inputs. Combine the stage select inputs with the loop switches for creating selectable mini-sequencing, and introduce inverse, ping-pong, random sequencing, or even crude voltage quantizing with the analog input, which accepts continuous CV signals to sweep through the stages in a non-traditional manner. Each stage outputs a trigger pulse, great for activating an envelope, creating new clock signals, or even selecting stages on other 245ts in your system!

Bringing the joy of vintage Buchla to your Eurorack system, the Tiptop Audio Buchla Model 245t Sequential Voltage Source is a brilliant sequencing option for creating anything from simple lines to complex, moving CV patterns.


  • Five-stage sequential voltage source module
  • Eurorack recreation of Buchla’s classic 200-series 245
  • Four lanes of five stages, each with their own CV positioning and outputs
  • Select each stage via a pulse input or sweep/jump through stages via the analog CV input
  • Loop at different stages via the input jack switches
  • Each stage sends a pulse output at the top of the module
  • Advance to the next stage with an external pulse/clock via the advance in
  • Internal clock features a rate control as well as a modulation input and attenuverter
  • Manually or CV control the start and stop of the internal clock
  • Pulser clock features a pulse output as well as a reference saw wave output
  • Pulser’s pulse width or “length” can be set or modulated via CV
  • Banana jacks replaced with 3.5mm minijacks for full Eurorack integration


  • Width: 30hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Power: +63mA, -28mA

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