Klavis is run by Eric Lukac-Kuruc and is a brand of Diagonal Electronics, a company located in Belgium. It creates inspirational technology that aims to let you create a difference. After years working in product design for other companies, members of the initial team entered the modular world in the spirit of adventure on their own.
This was more a decision of passion than a business one.
Too many projects and designs filling pages, files and sketches to be lost!
Klavis’ know-how is mostly about hybrid designs relying on digitally-controlled analog or DSP processing, however this doesn’t prevent them offering a hands-on experience that matches or surpasses the instant gratification of the best analog interfaces.
When planning a new product, the goal is to bring something different, whether it is in the overall approach, the combination of functions, the user interface or the price point.
Several Klavis products bring unique features to the entire modular landscape.