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Synthrotek - VCA

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The Synthrotek Triple Response Dual VCA uses high quality op amps to give you high quality affordable sound.This VCA has three different response curves per channel: 2 Exponential and 1 Linear.  The amplitude of EX2 (switch at right position) can be slightly attenuated via 1 trimmer pot per channel on the PCB.  This allows for 3 different curves per channel.  EX2 has a slightly more exponential curve than EX1.  This VCA operates at 0-5V; a 5V CV input will give you 10V peak to peak audio output.  Use over 5V if you want a super ballsy, loud VCA!

Intended for AC and audio use only (DC coupling will not function properly).

Features include:

  • ~10V peak to peak output with a +5 DC CV input
  • 2 exponential and 1 linear response per channel
  • Channel 2 is normalled to channel 1
  • Compact 4HP sized module
  • High Quality Op Amps
  • Module depth: 1 7/8 inches (4.7 cm)

Max current draw: 1mA on -12V rail, 9mA on +12V rail

Purple: Linear Response.
Yellow: EX1
LINEAR and EX1 mode
Purple: Linear Response
Yellow: EX2
LINEAR and EX2 mode

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