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Patching Panda - PUNCH

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Punch is a small dual DECAY + VCA thought specially for design percussive sounds.

The decay can be turned from smooth to more aggressive logarithmic responses it can be activated with triggers, gates or cv’s. When logarithmic response is activated, a bit of curve is applied to the attack as well as more natural percussive envelope.

Utility module designed to generate percussive sounds from your waveforms, also can generate percussive envelopes.

Dual vca with voltage control decay.

Logarithmic fall response.

Fast attack (when logarithmic response is turned, a bit of curve is applyed to the attack as well as more natural percussive envelope).

Can be activated from triggers, gates or cv.


Skiff friendly

Power consumption 22mA@+12V, 23mA@-12V




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