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Buchla - 210e Control and Signal Router

210e Control and Signal Router

The Model 210e Control and Signal Router allows you to independently route up to eight control voltages and eight audio signals.

In the Control Voltage section, each of five outputs can be connected to any one of eight inputs—the functional equivalent of making the connections with patch cables. If more than one input is routed to a single output, the resulting signal is the averaged of the combined inputs.

Similarly, the Signal Routing section allows connection of each of five outputs to any one of eight inputs, again, the functional equivalent of patch cables. This section also provides the possibility for matrix mixing, in which any given output can respond to multiple inputs, with each connection independently scalable.

All 210e settings can be stored and retrieved using the Preset Manager on a 225e or 206e module, with control and signal routings independently configurable for each preset.

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