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SCM Breakout module


  • Expansion module for the 4ms Shuffling Clock Multiplier:
  • CV Shuffle (jack and knob)
  • Selects which beats are “slipped” by CV Slip
  • CV Skip (jack and knob)
  • Omits certain beats in a pattern
  • CV Pulse Width (jack and knob)
  • Controls width of output pulses
  • 4x Fast (jack and switch)
  • CV gate or manual switch speeds up all jacks by a factor of 4
  • Mute (jack and switch)
  • CV gate or manual switch stops any more pulses from starting
  • All pulses that have already started will end normally
  • Re-sync CV Trigger input jack
  • Resets beat pattern to beat one
  • Additional CV Rotate and CV Slip jacks
  • Adds to the main panel’s Rotate and Slip jacks


  • Current consumption: SCM Breakout does not connect directly to the power rail
  • Connects directly to the SCM with a standard 16-pin cable (same cable used for Eurorack/Doepfer style power connections)
  • Panel size: 8HP

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