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The Listen Up is a small passive expander for the Listen modules that provides stereo 1/4″ (6.35mm) jack inputs and outputs. It connects to one or two Listen modules and/or WAV Recorder module with the included 3-pin cables. There are four 1/4″ jacks arranged in left/right pairs. The left jack of each pair can be used as a TRS stereo jack if the right jack is unpatched.


  • Four 1/4″ (6.35mm) jacks arranged in two stereo pairs.
  • Each stereo pair can be connected to the same module or to separate modules.
  • Each stereo pair (left/right) is bi-directional (input or output).
  • Left In and Left Out jacks are TRS stereo if corresponding Right jack is not unpatched.
  • Uses no power.
  • Connects directly to host module using 3-pin cables.
  • Two 3-pin cables included.

Electrical and Mechanical Specifications:

  • Module size:
    • 4HP Eurorack format module
    • 0.94″ (23.8mm) maximum depth with cables installed
  • Power consumption:
    • None