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The module is a combination of quantizer and beat looper. A quantizer converts a continuous control voltage (on CV-input) in the range of 0..+5V into a stepped output voltage in the same voltage range. The scale assigns the possible voltage states. The quantizer can be triggered per external trigger input or per link of the pulse from the beat section. The module has 5 banks with each 7 patches for scales: Bank 1-4 with 28 fixed preset scales and bank 5 with 7 patches for individual user scales. The keynote transposes the actually scale. Keynote and scale can be set by external CV inputs (keynote, scale) or manually per keyboard buttons. The playing of keynotes is recordable over max. 4 measures. The keyboard buttons can be used like a mini keyboard (jack keygate=gate out, jack CV out=notes, octave setting with CV-2 ruler) . The CV inputs and outputs have the moog characteristic (1V/oct.).

The second section can create individual beat patterns and can record over max. 4 measures. The GATE ruler assigns the gate length of the beat output pulse (off, gate, hold) and the BEAT ruler assigns the rhythm of the beat output pulse. Also the beat section generates the CV-2 output with following settings:

– variable voltage between 0..+5 Volt

– Random between +1..+2 Volt

– LFO down or up 0..+5 Volt (fixed time interval over 1 measure).

The Tap-Tempo generates the internal tempo (two times 4th-tap) or per permanently external 16th clock. A Reset input/push button sets the beat on measure 1 and sets also the reset output. The module generates automatically a reset pulse on measure 1 (pulse length=16th).

Software updates possible via usb (jack on pcb)!


  • Current Consumption: 180mA
  • Panel size : 14HP