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Module that turns Sequential Switch into powerful, feature-rich 8 step sequencer with step merge, pause and skip functionality.

Erica Synths SEQUENTIAL SWITCH CV GENERATOR is an expansion module for the Sequential Switch that turns a sequential switch into powerful, feature-rich 8 step sequencer.
Both modules combined generate CV and gate signals with all functionality that Sequential Switch has – merging, pausing, skipping and manual select of steps, random play, and piano mode. CV Generator generates CV for the each step in range from 0 to +5V, the three position range switch allows to select optimal maximum range: 1, 3 or 5V. If you plug some patch cable in any of Sequential Switch input jacks, CV Generator internal patch is automatically disconnected and it works as conventional Sequential Switch. The CV Generator internally connects to the Sequential Switch with ribbon cable supplied with the module.

      Features when used as sequencer with Sequential Switch:

  • Adjustable sequence length
  • Step pausing / step skipping / step merging
  • Gate out
  • Clock input and output
  • Manual step select mode
  • Piano mode
  • Random play mode!
  • Diode protection on reversed power supply

Technical specifications:

CV level 0 – +5V
Power supply bipolar +-12V , eurorack standard
MAX power consumption 10mA@+12V, 0mA@-12V
Module width 10HP
Module depth 20mm


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