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Dual Multimode Filter

Warm and vintage sounding low resonance settings as well as aggressive and modern high resonance sounds – the RT-451 does both. It is very flexible and has a lot of character.
This filter creates the kind of earthshaking low end sine oscillations that are perfect for all kinds of electronic kick sounds or ultra low sub bass drones popular in Drum & Bass music. Each filter has switchable lowpass, highpass and bandpass characteristics. The toggle switches mix the different filter functions together and feed them to the output. The parameters of both filters operate totally independent from each other but the Coupler knob in the middle controls both filter frequencies simultaneously. This allows for controlling both filters in series or parallel configurations with one dedicated knob.
The RT-451 is the perfect addition to your Eurorack synthesizer system. Built by real synth enthusiasts with a passion for fat and flexible filter sounds the RT-451 just adds that extra special “Oomph” to your sound.
In combination with the RT-311 Swarm Oscillator the dual multimode filter allows for duophonic voice structures in your modular system.


  • width: 32HP
  • depth: 50mm
  • power consumption: 80mA @ +12V and 80mA @ -12V

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Radikal prepared two audio demonstrations with the NAMM prototype at Jörgs soundcloud channel:

Kickdrum programming with the RT-451: