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Multi FX Module

This new FX unit combines multiple FX processors with Radikal’s powerful snapshot animation feature. Create the most astonishing FX morphing sounds and control them with external control voltages from envelope generators, step sequencers or LFOs.
The RT-1701 features a gain stage with saturation, a very flexible EQ/Filter section, 2 selectable DSP effects plus one reverb processor for Eurorack Modular Systems. The following effects are available: Delay, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Leslie, Pitch Shifter and a String Filter. Effect combinations and settings can be saved in up to 8 snapshots for every program. The snapshot blender allows for creating smooth transitions between the different snapshots. The blender can be controlled by an internal LFO or with external control voltages. By blending from one snapshot to the next, the module produces a mix blend between the two FX snapshots.
All Radikal Technologies modules feature a true stereo signal flow. This adds a special sonic quality to all modules.


  • width: 32HP
  • depth: 30mm
  • power consumption: 250mA @ +12V and 40mA @ -12V

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