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MATHS builds on the tradition set into motion in the 1960’s by Don Buchla when he adapted the circuits found within analog computers common to engineering labs, for musical purposes. Buchla’s “Algebraic Processor, Model 257” changed the way music synthesizers utilised control voltages. MATHS, a mash-up of the Buchla 281, Buchla 257 & Serge DUSG, continues this great tradition of sculpting the control signals we use to sculpt our sound signals.

In true Serge spirit, much of the MATHS functionality will be patch programmed. For example, MATHS will produce the Quadrature type LFO found in the Buchla 281e, with the use of 2 patch cables, typical ADSR envelope with the use of 3 patch cables, typical triangle or saw LFO with typical Rate control may be patched with a single cable. You get the idea…

The module will add, subtract, invert, amplify, scale and apply Boolean-analog-logic OR function on up to 4 signals. Channels 1 and 4 are also capable of voltage controlled Pulse division and delay, slew limiting with voltage control over rise and fall and with continuously variable response from Log thru Linear and Exponential, triggerable function generation of up to 1k and as slow as 25 minutes. All outputs are capable of driving a PASSIVE 4 way mult without loading effects (so no buffered mult needed).

The MATHS classic has been replaced with the new updated MATHS revision.


  • Current Consumption: 60mA
  • Panel size: 20HP