L-1 Tube VCA


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This design is inspired by Ken Stone‘s Tube VCA and based on 60s-70s soviet tube 1Ж24Б. (L-1 contacted Ken and got his blessing. He specified to write ‘inspired by’ since it’s a modified unofficial release. Thanks Ken for help and sharing!)
Also considered are the mods described at e-m forum. Thanks to PrimateSynthesis for that great work http://electro-music.com/forum/topic-26469.html .
The device has feedback loop which is normaled to IN2 jack, so IN2 pot controls feedback amount when nothing feeds into IN2 jack and feedback switch is on. When jack feed into IN2, IN2/FEEDB pot controls IN2 level. Distortion/clean switch controls two modes with more or less distortion which amount can be trimmed with trimpots through holes at panel. Drive/IN1 pot controls IN1 level. GAIN pot controls gain offset. CV pot controls gain CV level.

Power consumption: V+ 12mA, V- 25mA.




Demo from ddoyen@Muff :



A kick drum through the L-1 Tube VCA. From “clean” to nasty. from DarkSideoftheTune :