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(Waveshaper / Wavemangler Expander Module for the Generator)

The GenXpander is an expander module for the Generator.  It adds standard waveform outuputs, internal FM waveform selection, and extensive waveshaping capabilities to the Generator module.

The GenXpander has 4 separate sections.


The waveshaper circuit uses a triangle wave and square wave from one or both of the oscillators on the Generator module to create a saw wave and a pulse wave.  Attenuated CV control of the pulsewidth and saw shape is available.  A switch for the triangle wave and a switch for the square wave determine which oscillator the seed waveforms are taken from.

Selecting the same oscillator for both triangle and square will provide a clean saw wave.  Selecting different oscillators for the triangle and square waves will provide a very interesting modulating, saw-triangle-square type waveform.

FM Wave Switch

Determins the waveform used by oscillator 1 (GEN1) to internally modulate oscillator 2 (GEN2).  The Generator ships with the internal FM set to the variable waveform.  The switch allows the frequency modulation waveform to be changed to a triangle wave.

Standard Waveform Outputs

Separate triangle and square wave outputs for both oscillator 1 (GEN1) and oscillator 2 (GEN2)

BAD Outputs

An odd/even harmonic detector, frequency mixer & waveshaper.  It inverts the polarity of the triangle waves based on the frequency relationship between oscillator 1 (GEN1) and oscillator 2 (GEN2).
OE Output:

Regular polarity oscillator 1 triangle if the difference between oscillator 1 (GEN1) and oscillator 2 (GEN2) is an even number.  Inverted polarity oscillator 1 triangle if the differance between oscillator 1 (GEN1) and oscillator 2 (GEN2) is an odd number.

DIF output:

Polarity of oscillator 2 triangle is changed at a frequency equal to the differance between oscillator 1 (GEN1) and oscillator 2 (GEN2).  If oscillator 1 (GEN1) and oscillator 2 (GEN2) are the exact same frequency then the DIF output is the same as the oscillator 2 triangle output.


  • Module Depth 35mm with a power cable connected
  • Panel size: 8HP