E580 resampling mini-delay


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The Synthesis Technology E580 resampling mini-delay emulates the classic sounds of digital, bbd and tape-based delays with 4 parameters under voltage control. The E580 accepts either +-12v euro standard power or +-15v motm/frac power. Using a 40mhz dsp and 24-bit codec, the E580 recreates the pitch-shift modulating of bbds with the variable bandwidth and noise floor without costly bbd ics. In tape mode, wow& flutter, tape saturation and non-linear distortion model classic tape units without the bulk and maintenance. There are 2 simultaneous audio outputs: a straight delay and a variable tapped delay. The tap position is a percentage of the main delay time. This allows very short delays (<350us) as well as long delays (750ms). Both tap position (‘offset’) and main delay time are voltage-controlled over a -5v to +5v range.

Feedback is jumper-selectable from either the tapped position or the main delay. This flexibility can generate standard ‘rhythmic’ delays (feedback from main delay) or a series of ‘pre-delay reflections’ (tapped delay) which sound very different from each other.


  • CV input range: -5V to +5V, DC to 8KHz
  • Audio Input: -5V to +5V maximum, 18KHz bandwidth (clean mode)
  • Max Delay time: 780ms (0.78 seconds)
  • Min Delay time (1 tap position): 26us
  • Tap positions: 7680
  • SNR: 74dB (clean mode)
  • DSP Engine: 16-bits, 39KHz sample rate MicroChip dsPIC33F series
  • Current Consumption: 105ma for +12V, 20ma for -12V
  • Panel size: 14HP