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The Make Noise DIN Power is a power distributon system requiring +12V and -12V regulated power and properly formated distributon receptacle to operate. It is designed to be used within the euro format modular synthesizer system. DIN Power takes power from your master euro system case and distributes it to a DIY enclosure or Skiff type performance case that sets near to your main system case. To do this, one 4hp module is installed in the main system case (plugging into the bus just like any other module), and another is installed in the DIY enclosure or Skiff. The two modules (one in each case) are connected via 5 Pin DIN cable (not included, but most MIDI cables will work). On the backside of the 4hp module in the Skiff are 4 power outlets where 10-Bus Power Cables or 16-Bus Power cables may be installed. Each 10-Buss Power Cable has ten 5 x 2 (10 pin) power connectors, and each 16-Bus Power Cable has nine 8 x 2 (16 pin) and one 5 x 2 (10 pin) power connectors. 1 of each of these cables is included in the kit.
Available current depends upon main system. No more then 1A is supported.
Please calculate your power requirements and be sure that you have power to spare.

Each POWER module is 4HP. Faceplate for all POWER modules are a printed circuit board. They are black, with white and gold graphics, to match René, Pressure Points and BRAINS. These Power solutions are being offered as DIY kits, and thus Make Noise implies and accepts NO responsibility for harm to person or apparatus caused through the constructon and/ or operaton of a DIY enclosure and the use of DIN Power or BARREL Power modules within such enclosures. If you are not certain that you have the skills to construct such an enclosure and to install such a power solution, then please opt for ready to use skiffs.