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Dual voltage controlled waveshaper

The cvWS is dual wave shaper based on 2 of the wave shapers found in the uLFO.

The top one is the Saw shaper. This takes a square and triangle and turns them into a saw, as long as the square and triangle are in phase. While this can be useful by itself, the real reason we’re releasing this as it’s own module is for the sort of stuff you can get out of it when you start experimenting with different inputs. The results can be unpredictable and unexpected. And once you start FM’ing the 2 inputs all sorts of craziness can break out.

The Shape Knob adjusts the offset of whatever is in the triangle input. The CV also  does this. The CV will work with audio range input and produces sort of a FM effect with an audio rate modulator.

The Sine Shaper section is a little easier to understand. It takes a triangle and outputs a Sine.  When the Shape pot is at noon the output should be a pretty close to perfect sine, depending on the symmetry of the triangle. The CV and pot both shape it in the same way as the uLFO.

Like the Saw section, the Sine shaper CV will work at with audio rate modulators creating a effect that sounds like a cross between FM and a ring modulator. This is a great add on for a VCO lacking a good sine out and will work just a well with a LFO as it does with a VCO.


  • Current Consumption: 50mA
  • Panel size: 8HP