Buchla 257t


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This is the fourth module released in the Eurorack 200 series, a line of Eurorack-formatted remakes of classic Buchla 200 series modules.

The Model 257 Dual Control Voltage Processor consists of two identical sections, each of which permits several applied control voltages to define a single output voltage according to the equation:

(Va * K) + ((Vb * (1-M)) + (Vc * M)) + Voffset = V_out

The algebraic manipulations possible with this module include addition, subtraction, scaling, inversion, and multiplication. Also incorporated is the capability of using one control voltage (M) to transfer control from one applied voltage (V_b) to another (V_c).

width: 14hp
depth: 25mm
power: +12V 45mA / -12V 22mA

Manual: download