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Antimatter’s ultra compact step motion recorder


• Record 1 to 1000 of steps in variable mode. Record the number of steps that you want until you’re done and the Brain seed will play them back. The buffer clears and restarts at step 1 each time a new recording is started.

• Record 8/16/32 steps in fixed length mode. This mode is good for jamming, it allows you to punch in and selectively record over values in the buffer.

• Record (Reseed) has a gate input and a toggle switch, so that you can remotely control or automate recording.

• Each button has a tri-colored LED to show its state

• Each button is a 1-1 function (except save)

• Save your sequence in memory to take your patch with you

• +5/-5 volt in/out bipolar range with a super nifty clip LED at the top so that you know when you’re out of range (I wish my quantizers had this!)

• 1-button simple quantizer on the output = Your choice of No/Yes/Major/Minor notes 🙂

• Shift input sums to the output (and is quantized if quantizer is active). A great way to shift/modulate/arpeggiate patterns over time or combine with external sequencers.

• Brain Freeze = When Frz is high, the Brain Seed “freezes” in place, holding its current value and producing no new triggers. Brain Freeze is great for breaking up a sequence and producing new rhythms. There is a jumper on the back that can change this input into a standard reset (we also included a header on the back so that you can make your own reset jack externally while keeping Brain Freeze intact).

• Cycle input = Progress through your sequence with a clock in a standard linear fashion, or bounce/pendulum <> mode, or with random step selection on each clock input. The 4th mode is CV Cycle, scrub though your sequences with LFOs, envelopes, joysticks, or use an external mixer to combine CV sources!

• Trigger out = Each time the Brain Seed progresses from one step to another, a trigger is produced. In CV mode, combined with Brain Freeze, you can produce some really fun, grin-worthy trigger streams…

• When nothing is input ( Seed In), the brain seed will produce random voltages while ReSeed is active, making the Brain Seed a random CV/note generator. If you hear something that you like, use ReSeed to capture some of the random goodness.

• Use as digital S&H (no drift!), random generator, simple quantizer, note or modulation recorder, rhythm generator, pseudo arpeggiator, etc…

• Capture values from your keyboard (using a midi-CV interface), LFOs, chaos generators, noise, envelopes, DC offset knobs, etc…

• Add a slew/lag module (such as the Circuit Abbey CV Slide) to the output to get smooth transitions for opening filters or sliding notes.

• Patch into an ASR (such as the Malekko Q-ASR) to distribute your sequence over time and multiple outputs.

• Capture sequences from your other sequencers, use the Brain Seed to simply add that “one more” track that you need to make your composition complete, etc…


width: 4HP

depth: 48mm

Current draw: 45mA @ +12V and 45mA @ -12V