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Erica Synths Bass Drum (Black) is developed in collaboration with the French company e-licktronick and it’s our take on analogue bass drum circuits adapted for modular systems. Massive, punchy sound, Accent & CV control over key parameters of the module make it distinctively expressive in live performances.


  • Pitch
  • Tune
  • Tune Depth controls
  • CV control with attenuators over Pitch, Decay and Drive
  • Manual trigger
  • Accent for better expression

While this Bass Drum is clearly 909-like, it’s hard to argue with that as a design choice. Here it’s given just enough control to personalise it, without turning it into something else, adding extra animation via external control of one or more parameters. For anyone building a Eurorack drum kit with a traditional flavour, this would be a solid start. – Sound On Sound

Yes, this will give you classic kick sounds. Again, though, Erica worked a ton of magic here – the tune depth and tune controls are immensely satisfying, you get a Drive in case this thing isn’t dirty enough for you, and ample CV. – CDM


Decay range 400ms – 2200ms
Audio output level -5…+5V
CV level (full span) -5 – +5V
Trigger level 5V
Trigger time 1ms
Accent CV level 10V
Power consumption 40mA@+12V, 30mA@-12V
Module width 14HP
Module depth 35mm

On this run of modules the Pitch & Decay CV inputs are inverted: rising CV will decrease pitch, falling – increase.

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