Being among the pioneers of the modern effects pedal manufacturers, Denmark’s T-Rex Engineering was brought to the world in 1996. Guitarists and engineers, Lars Dahl and Sebastian Jensen, conceived ideas and technical solutions to upgrade existing guitar effects as well as develop new effects. Aside from effects pedals, Lars and Sebastian also develop high quality equipment such as power supplies, cables, and pedal boards for guitarists around the world.

When it comes to materials and components, T-Rex goes above and beyond to acquire the highest of quality in areas such as film foil capacitors, regulators, and iron-cores. It is no secret that T-Rex takes great pride in the quality of its products. Over the years, T-Rex has developed components like potentiometers and foot switches that are extremely durable and exclusive to T-Rex. Their product portfolio includes many industry classics like the Replica, the Mudhoney, and the Fuel Tank series. This expertise has led to the creation of the 100% analogue Replicator tape echo unit in Eurorack format – utilising a motor, magenetic heads and a real tape cartridge!