Strymon wants to build products with no compromises. To push the limits of technology in music and to redefine what is possible with music gear. By using exceptionally great components and ridiculously powerful processors they want to make gear that sounds better than anything you’ve ever heard.

Set up as a small company they’d like to stay that way to create gear that is fun to design and fun to play,  to experiment with and to try new things. And not to work for the man! “We don’t like authority. We don’t want to grow up. We want to work hard and have fun doing it.”

Damage Control was founded in 2004 with the release of their line of tube-driven effects pedals, which earned critical acclaim and became favorites among guitarists across the globe. In 2009 they began developing products under the Strymon name, and the rest is history! Now the much anticipated Magneto is released in Eurorack…