AtoVproject is a new music hardware company that was founded in Berlin in 2019 with a focus on innovative synthesis techniques.

AtoVproject was founded by Arthur Gibert – a researcher in molecular biology with a passion for electronics and tinkering. Arthur is strongly involved in the Eurorack and synth DIY Berlin community and for 6 years has been organizing workshops, talks, jam sessions and other events. During this time he started designing and modifying circuits for people to build at these meetups.

In this way, the first product of AtoVproject, the 16n Rework was born. The 16n rework is a complete redesign of the 16n open-source project where every single part has been upgraded.

Design philosophy: ‘We strongly believe that a modular system is a musical instrument that is to be directed more than directly played (in comparison to a keyboard for example). Our products are optimized to perform in this context. True to this philosophy, our products are designed to either increase your level of control or to do some of the work for you by promoting “happy accidents”. Range is the number one priority. Our products are designed to have a wide palette of use and they sound great not only on “sweet spots”. We put a lot of effort in making products where any possible combination of parameters sounds good. This also means that we provide you with internal tools to take full advantage of the available range (i.e. implementing 10 LFOs into our upcoming complex Dual Harmonic Oscillator).
Even though our products rely on complicated or difficult to understand principles, we never forget that our products are instruments to be enjoyed and played with and therefore the technical complexity should never interfere with the ease of use.’

As the roots of AtoVproject lie in the DIY community, future products will be made available as DIY kits, whenever possible.