Brexit implications on sales from UK to EU

From 1st January 2021, if you live in the European Union you will no longer pay VAT to Postmodular on purchases at checkout. Due to the UK leaving the EU customs union you will now pay custom charges and VAT when you receive your parcel. You will be charged at the same level as when you get a parcel from outside the EU customs union.

Business customers can reclaim VAT on their UK imports in the same way as imports from other non-EU countries. Postmodular no longer charge VAT on any orders shipping to the EU, regardless of your business registration. Therefore we do not need your VAT number.

The postal carrier or courier will charge you for:

Duty – typically 0-3% of the total depending on the specific products.
VAT – charged at your local Vat rate
Clearance Costs – set by the postal carrier or courier. This is the fee they charge for collecting Duty and VAT for your government.

This change does not immediately affect our customers in Great Britain or any other country outside the European Union. You will not face rising shipping charges, inflated product costs or additional customs charges due to Brexit.

Please do not ask us to artificially reduce the value of your goods so that you can pay less customs charges – Postmodular is legally obliged to declare the true value of all exports, and customers are legally required to pay accurate VAT on purchases, as well as the new duty and customs clearance charges. You’ve always paid VAT – but we will not charge you as before – you will now pay this in your own country on receipt of goods. Thank you!