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intellijel - Plog


Plog comprises two programmable logic sections (select one of six different 3 input boolean logic types) as well as a toggle flipflop and data flipflop block. All four sections are linked together via specially planned normals.


8hp and skiff friendly

Dual 3-input logic blocks. Input Z is normalled to input Y and Y to X in order to allow 2-input and 1-input logic modes.

Bi-polar voltage control of the logic types for section A and B with dedicated attenuators (positive voltages move the type forward, negative in reverse)

Inputs X and Y from logic block A normalled to inputs X and Y of logic block B.

Output B normalled to input of the toggle flipflop via jumpered normal (can be removed) on back of pcb.

Toggle flipflop has dedicated pushbutton for manual triggering of toggle state -if you hold the trigger button for about 1 second it will disable the trigger input jack and become a simple tap clock.

Output of T flipflop is normalled to clk input of D flipflop (inverse output of Dflipflop also internally normalled to D input) so that by default the D section also acts as a toggle. This allows /2 and /4 clock dividing.

You can save or load the logic section as a preset for easy recall of patches.

Module can be run at audio rates in order to generate interesting digital sounds.

This module was primarily designed as an interesting tool to be used with sequencers. You can derive complex rhythmic sequences from basic sparse sources (e.g. from a simple gate sequence or clock). By adding vc control of the logic types via some kind of cv source like a triggered envelope, lfo or sequencer you produce even more complex results.

This module can also be used in many other creative applications including making interesting timbres and for self-generating patches.


  • Current Consumption: +12V@55mA, -12V@11mA
  • Module depth: 29mm
  • Panel size: 8HP

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