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About postmodular

Post Modular is run by A. David Crawforth.

As a founding member of the influential artist run organisation Beaconsfield in Vauxhall London, David has been making experimental sound and performance art works for 24 years, including Rude Mechanic with Hayley Newman and Finnish duo Pan sonic in 1996 and a double album released under the same title in 1999. He has made numerous sound installations with Naomi Siderfin under the moniker BAW (Beaconsfield Art Works) over the last 20 years, as well as individual works exhibited under his own name.

Most recently the acclaimed electronic album – Diluvial by Bruce Gilbert and BAW (A.David Crawforth & Naomi Siderfin) was released Autumn 2013 by Touch.

He is currently collaborating with Gilbert & Siderfin on a new projects for 2017/18.

In 2004 he got into modular – believing that the sonic world should have more alternatives to computer dominated electronic sound. In 2008/9 – with a shoestring of support from family and friends – he launched Post Modular to spread the word.

Post Modular identifies Eurorack as the most accessible and creatively exciting modular format available – and will endeavor to support and supply the most unusual and unique of these brands.

Special thanks go to Peter Edwards, Minna Haukka and Tony & Wendy Crawforth – without whose unwavering belief, generosity of spirit and practical help, Post Modular would never have got off the ground…