R-57 Dual VCA


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Apparently, some people are not happy with the sound of Metasonix modules.

Which “aren’t loud enough”. Or something.

So, Eric created the R-57. It’s loud enough.

It replaces the R-51 VCA. However, if the R-51 could be compared to a rose-scented roll of premium extra-soft serviettes, by comparison the R-57 is a double wall of 20-grit sandpaper. Rose-scented, even.

The R-57 Dual VCA is now becoming increasingly rare as no longer available. This is our last unit.

“This goes to eleven” my ass. This goes to heaven, and hell.

It’s a dual VCA. Each channel can also be used as an instrument/mic preamp with up to 50+ dB of gain available. It can be set for a sweet and happy clean sound, it can do some meaty tube distortion, or it can be set to rip your scalp off and pound your balls into a nice sausage meat to add to your lovely omelette. Plus, the INVERT switch sets channel 2’s CV to operate its VCA oppositely to channel 1. That allows the R-57 to be used as a lovely stereo panner/crossfader.

Beware. This is not intended to be a nice, neat, clean, sweet and virginal VCA. It is what it is. It has a few warts and it will not reward idiotic usage. Big hug!

Power requirement: +-12v dc, 300 mA after warmup (800-850 mA cold startup is required for 3-5 seconds). Tiptop uZeus and “Happy Ending” power supplies cannot run the R-57 and are not recommended. Most Doepfer(tm), Monorocket(tm), Analogue Systems(tm) and other third-party cabinets should have no trouble powering the R-57.


  • +/-12V Doepfer-style power connector
  • alpha rk12l potentiometers
  • kobiconn vertical-mount 3.5mm jacks
  • tubes used:  two 9-pin miniature triode-pentodes, type 12CT8
  • Current Consumption: +-12V dc, 300 mA after warmup (800-850 mA cold startup is required for 3-5 seconds)
  • Panel size: 22HP