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The Analog Memory module uses an innovative new data storage technology called “Mechanically Orbited Carbon,” to store and recall control voltage values for use within the modular synthesizer system.  The MOC RAM technology has the advantage of completely passive non-volatile storage! Power is only used in the generation of the recalled voltage values for use within the modular synthesizer system.

Each Analog Memory module stores up to 20 control voltage values! The data is stored in 4 columns of 5 values. Each stored value is programmed using its own convenient panel control. These 20 controls (1 control per value stored) include a soft touch knob that is pleasing to grip for programming, and marked with a brightly colored indicator line so that the user may view the entire contents of the Analog Memory all at once, at ANY time, even when power is OFF! Programming and operation could not be simpler!

Random Access? Absolutely. The data is accessed immediately at any time using the “Touched Random Access Memory” or TRAM technology packaged within the Pressure Points control module. Simply touch the Touch Plate associated column of values you wish to recall and those voltages will appear.  Additionally the Analog Memory is compatible with the BRAINS module for sequential memory access.

Non-volatile storage? Absolutely. Even while powered down, the Analog Memory will retain its entire contents for millions and millions of hours!  Care must be taken to avoid physical disturbance of the stored values, so store your Analog Memory in an enclosed and shock resistant case if the data is critical!

Each Analog Memory requires connection to a Pressure Points module for retrieval of stored data. 2 or more (3 is maximum number that has been tested) Analog Memory modules may be connected to a single Pressure Points module. The Analog Memory will also function perfectly within the Pressure Points/ BRAINS system.

Multiple Analog Memory modules may be chained or stacked to create larger data storage systems. Cables are included with each module allowing for complete installation of a data bussing system of up to 4 Analog Memory, 2 Pressure Points and 2 BRAINS.  Reasonably priced custom cable assemblies are available for building larger data storage systems. Contact Make Noise for more information.

The faceplate for Analog Memory is a printed circuit board. It is black, with white and gold graphics, matching the Pressure Points, BRAINS and René modules.


  • Current Consumption: 20mA
  • Panel size: 20HP