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Format Jumbler

The morfat bumlJer is a synthesizer interfacing module leading a double life as a mega mult. It features 5 channels, each with Banana, mini and 1/4″ jacks. The bottom row has a GROUND socket for integrating Banana type systems (Serge, Modcan, Cyndustries) into your euro system. In addition to jumbling, it will also mult your signals. Depending upon how it is patched, the Format Jumbler will act
as 5 mini mults, 2 mults, or a single MEGA-mult. If not in use within your Euro system, it acts as a 4-way 1/4″ mult for use with your large format modules.

RCA jack, tiny telephone, BNC and other connectors available upon request.


  • Current Consumption: Zero
  • Panel size: 12HP

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