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don_buchlaDon Buchla 1937 – 2016

The girls are back in town – Transistor Sounds Labs Stepper Acid’s here

ES-8 in stock here

Great news! Mordax Systems DATA now in stock here

And the Morphagene is in stock here

Xaoc devices SAMARA now in stock here

Highly inovative Mannequins in stock here

More of the amazing O’Tool Plus in stock here

Verbos Bark Filter Processor in stock here

New Flame stock in here

Rossum Electro-Music CONTROL FORGE in stock

Erica Wavetable VCO in stock

Folktek Matter, Conduit and Resist in stock!

Synthesis Technology E950 CIRCUIT BENT VCO in stock Gateway, Shuttle Control and Strong Zero Core in stock

intelligel Rainmaker now in stock

Livewire Frequensteiner in stock

Plankton Electronics ARRHYTHMIA – programmable clock generator for the creation of complex rhythms and patterns…and chaos!

Expert Sleepers FH-1 is in stock here

Kilpatrick Audio’s PHENOL – affordable modular-inspired synthesizer:



Post Modular is the UK dealership for Buchla – we currently have a limited number of the Music Easel available, and have the full range of the 200e series for special order here. Please email for further information and purchasing.

Now in its 8th year, Post Modular is the first UK company that pioneered the idea of supplying unusual synthesizer modules in Britain, primarily for the eurorack standard and more recently joined by one of its main inspirations: Buchla – further encouraging experimentation via the analogue/digital crossover.

During this time the modular scene has undergone an incredible renaissance -multiplying exponentially. Post Modular is proud to have supplied not only the end user, but also the initial set-ups of all the newer UK wide initiatives that have sprung up to meet this demand.

Post Modular sells all module brands to Europe & Internationally. These non UK p&p rates are listed on the shopping basket page but are not currently automated.

Therefore all European & International customers need to email Post Modular to process orders.

Post Modular VAT No. 101 4865 45. Prices include VAT at 20%.