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CV / Manual Controls:
Voltage Maximum
Voltage Minimum
Frequency Maximum
Frequency Minimum
External Clock

Standard / Brownian Random
Free / Quantized Output
Standard / Brownian Driven Time Random

3 independent 16bit CV outputs
(outputs share the same parameters)

Standalone CV controlled Complex Random module:
This module creates 3 independent 16bit CV outputs based on the same parameters.

The controls allows you to create random steps at specific voltage ranges, for ex. randomizing voltages between +1.5v and +4v…

The interval between outputs can also be randomized, so that means that we can set clock signals to occur for ex. between 200 miliseconds and 2 seconds…

There’s also a Brownian random, and without going too technical here, let’s just say that it kinda “tames” it from going too wild working more like a “drunk” random…

Quantized output mode in major C pentatonic scale

Brownian driven time randomization

Other things to do with a complex random!
1. CV stepping – bit reducing CV
2. CV quantization – quantize an external CV input
3. Sample and hold with offset control
4. Random gate delay (up to 5 seconds) with fixed, variable or random voltage (with adjustable gate threshold)

There’s also 3 jumpers on the back if you choose to attenuate changes between random steps, working as a selectable fixed “Glide” mode.

Please see the ADDAC501B, an Expansion module that adds more features…


  • ±12 to ±15v
  • CV inputs: 0+10v
  • CV outputs: 0+5v
  • max current: 150mA
  • Bus Board Cable: 8×2 IDC (Doepfer style) connector
  • Current Consumption: 70mA
  • depth: 5cm deep
  • Panel size: 8HP

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